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    What is Borneo Crypto Mining (BCM)?

    Borneo Crypto Mining is a mining operation to mine cryptocurrency profitably by combining special expertise in selecting and setting up the necessary mining software and hardware equipment to reach the maximum operating efficiency of a mining farm, low cost electricity cost, favorable government regulations, cutting edge technological solutions and professional maintenance. Borneo Crypto Mining aims to expand the existing mining operations via ICO offering and at the same time provides this crowd mining opportunity for a lifetime earnings sharing to the entire world.

    What are the benefits and advantages of BCM?

    At Borneo Crypto Mining, we aim to share our expertise and extensive experience in the cryptocurrency mining with our community by offering BCM coin token sale, representing investors’ share of profits, so that we could together enjoy the benefit of a large-scale mining projects with its lower costs of mining equipment taking economies-of- scale into account to leverage on the operations.


    Investors will also enjoy a lifetime profit sharing advantage without the headache of maintaining the day-to- day operation of the mining facility, nor having the need of experiencing the discomfort of home mining, such as excess heat, extremely loud noises from the equipment, etc.

    What is the vision of BCM project?

    Borneo Crypto Mining envisions our contribution in this cryptocurrency mining field, and aims to be the first Indonesian cryptocurrency mining operation to support world crypto transaction. And, we would love to invite all community members to join us in this exciting profit-making mining journey together.

    What is Ethereum?

    Ethereum is that it is not just a digital currency. It is a blockchain-based platform with many aspects. It features smart contracts, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and it uses its currency called ether for peer to peer contracts. Smart contracts run on the blockchain, they run exactly as programmed without any possibility of censorship, downtime, fraud or third party interference.

    Why we prefer mining ETH over Bitcoin?

    Mining ETH uses separate GPU mining from the computer that performs faster and better. If there is a damage in the machine, we will know where the problems are to be immediately fixed. Therefore GPU mining maintenance costs are cheaper and easier. Bitcoin mining using CPU mining that has more expensive maintenance cost. Currently the best machine to mine Bitcoin is using Antminer S9 from Bitminer, if someday there is a damage, we have to fix it through Bitminer so we have no control of the mining time lost and other additional costs incurred for factory fixes.


    ETH is a digital currency futures that fix many weaknesses owned by bitcoin. The unlimited amount of ETH is also the reason why ETH is the future digital currency that will be more widely used by users around the world.

    How is the future of cryptocurrency space?

    Ethereum is currently the most established cryptocurrency in the market and many believe that it is the future of the internet. Money continues to flow into blockchain networks and Ethereum is simply one of the largest cryptocurrency based on market cap, many new participants are allocating to crypto and ether is viewed as one of top crypto projects in the field.


    Many big fund management firm owner like George Soros, The Rothschilds, and The Rockefellers have also reported to enter into the cryptocurrency space which means it will lead a massive increase of value in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other altcoins. Without no doubt, as big players come into cryptocurrency space, it will stay here for long period of time and will always be sustainable.

    How do I invest in BCM?

    Simply participating in the BCM ICO and Crowdsale starting June 1st, 2018 and buy BCM tokens.

    What is the minimum amount I should invest in order to join?

    We aim to share our expertise and extensive experience in the cryptocurrency mining to the community so that we could together enjoy the benefit of a large-scale mining projects with its lower costs of mining equipment. With only $100, you can participate in this profitable network.

    How long is BCM project and how long can I enjoy passive income from BCM?

    Lifetime, meaning we offer lifetime profit sharing to our token holders as long as we can mine profitably. This is one of our core plan to continuously reinvest 15 percent of net output into equipment upgrades to keep BCM mining as efficient and profitable as possible.

    Why did you decide on an ICO as the means of funding BCM?

    It is the most scalable and efficient way to create community that interested in the crowdfunding cryptocurrency and take part of this profitable network of mining operation for all people in the world.

    How often are you going to pay profits to investors? And where do I need to store BCM tokens

    Monthly and we recommend to use Myetherwallet.

    How does the bonus system work during Pre ICO?

    During the Pre ICO period, we are giving 20% extra BCM tokens. Meaning, if you buy 1000 BCM tokens at a price of $0.30/token, you will get 1200 BCM tokens. Additionally, you should get more percentage lifetime profit sharing by 75% of monthly net output.

    What if I miss Pre ICO period?

    You can still participate in this profitable business. You should get 10% extra BCM tokens (and 70% lifetime profit sharing) during ICO period or 65% lifetime profit sharing during Post ICO period.

    What are the expected returns on investment?

    Mining profitability depends on various factors such as mining difficulties, ETH/BTC price and other factors beyond our control. We cannot predict or guarantee returns with certainty. But, using  our expertise and extensive experience in the cryptocurrency mining, we will the necessary knowledge and technical skills to do it right and make sustainable profit out of it as much as possible. If everything goes well, our calculations show returns could be as high as 300 percent in 3 years. Please read our White Paper for all the details and risks.

    When does mining start?

    Mining will begin within 1-3 months after Pre ICO period end.

    How do I get my sharing profits each month?

    Monthly profits are sent to BCM token holders’ personal wallet.