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    Our Key Team Members

    Meet our team

    The BCM Management Team will be constantly managing operations and monitoring markets to ensure maximum mining efficiency, profit and output distribution.


    Hammy Rahardja

    Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

    Experienced software engineer, entrepreneur, also Co-Founder and CEO of Dovemobi Games Studio. A blockchain mining enthusiast that has 10 years of experience in Mobile Game Source Code Programming. Deep interest in the development of tech innovation has brought Hammy to be a mastermind behind the creation of Borneo
    Crypto Mining (BCM). Hammy holds a Bachlor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from University of California, Berkeley, USA.


    Donny Prabowo

    Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

    Donny brings more than 16 years of software engineer experience with leading software vendors in technology industry to this company. He is currently President and CEO of Webecks, a web design services that work on web applications, internet marketing, mobile, enterprise document/content mangement. His aim is to build a company to create new possibilities for people from all around the world using great applications that are easy to change and scalable. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree at the Iowa State University and a Master of Telecommunications degree at dePaul University USA.


    Leoni Podoan

    Chief Financial Officer

    Co-founder of Dovemobi Games Studio. A blockchain enthusiast. With years of experience in financial and strategy planning of startup companies, Leoni will bring high-level management experience to Borneo Crypto Mining to suit the best interest of all stakeholders. Leoni holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a specialization in Finance and Accounting, from Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, USA.


    Yessica Wirawan

    Chief Operating Officer

    Yessica takes a vision and makes it reality through sound strategy development. She is responsible to ensure that Borneo Crypto Mining (BCM) has the proper operational controls, administrative, reporting procedures, and people systems in place to effectively grow the organization and to ensure financial strength, better service and operating efficiency. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Delaware USA.


    Luqmanul Hakim

    Software & IT Lead Developer

    Expert in software development, web servers, and database. Luqmanul focuses on the software development projects, technical support of the mining dashboard, process automation as well as its user interface.


    Hikmatul Maghfiroh

    ICO Manager

    Owns extensive work experience in marketing and promotion of social mobile games and other commercial products. Combined with her past experience in efficient project management implementation, Hikmatul will lead the ICO team to ensure the smooth launch and operation of BCM tokens investment.


    Bimantara Prawira

    Lead Software Engineer

    Expert in designing, creating software and hardware system by utilizing math, science, engineering and special design techniques. Bima will oversee BCM technology and work to ensure that our technology-related decision is aligned with business goals for maximum performance.


    Rinaldy Inariawan

    Lead Graphic Designer

    Creative designer with rich imagination and in-depth knowledge of technology. With more than 5 years of past experiences in graphics design, Rinaldy focuses on overall visual and technical user experience on Borneo Crypto Mining.


    Sonya Belinda

    Web & Graphic Designer

    A talented 2D graphic designer that has broad experiences in layout design. Sonya is responsible for building and implementing the best website designs to ensure BCM website’s ease of use for all BCM investors.